The Cardizan – Playing Card Organizer


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Introducing “The Cardizan,” the ultimate playing card organizer for any game night. This innovative organizer has been designed to keep your cards organized and tidy, while also adding a touch of style to your game setup.

The Cardizan features two compartments, one for draw cards and the other for the discard pile. The draw card compartment can easily fit a standard or double deck of cards, while the discard pile compartment is perfect for holding cards that have already been used or discarded. The side slots are wider to accommodate a sideways card for playing canasta.

What sets The Cardizan apart from other playing card organizers is its lazy susan base. This base allows the organizer to spin around, making it easy for players to access the draw and discard piles from any angle. This feature eliminates the need for players to reach across the table or pass cards around, which can be especially helpful in games with a large number of players.

But The Cardizan isn’t just functional; it’s also stylish. The sleek and modern design will complement any game room or entertainment area, while also keeping your cards looking neat and organized.

The Cardizan is easy to use and maintain. Simply place the draw cards in the appropriate compartment and discard cards in the discard pile compartment. When you’re finished playing, simply remove the cards and wipe down the organizer with a damp cloth.

In summary, The Cardizan is a must-have playing card organizer for any game night. Its compartments for draw cards and a discard pile, combined with its lazy susan base, make it a practical and convenient tool for players of all ages and skill levels. And with its stylish design, The Cardizan is sure to impress your friends and elevate your game setup.

These are handmade to order.  Cards not included.